Record Low Interest Rates | Kaboodle Finance

Interest rates are at a record low! Now is a great time to see if your home loan still suits your needs.

August 5, 2016



With the RBA lowering the interest rate this week to an all time low of 1.5%, it is disappointing to see that most lenders have not passed on the full interest rate cut.

The big 4 banks have only passed on partial cuts and their customers are not happy, venting their frustrations and anger across social media, many threatening to take their business elsewhere.

Now, more than ever you need to look after yourself and shop around to see if you can get a better deal on your home loan!

Kaboodle Finance is here to help! We can do a quick home loan health check and see if we can find a better rate out there for you.

  • Fixed rates are as low as 3.69% owner occupied
  • Investment variable rates are as low as 4.09%

And the best bit? Our service doesn’t cost you a cent!

So what have you got to lose except for a home loan that is no longer right for you?