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Home Loan Refinancing

Many people with home loans simply don’t know they can get a better deal. Some loans can be hard to live with, using up a lot of your income. Refinancing can be an excellent move if you’re looking to manage your home loans.

If you have an older home loan, it’s likely that your loan is higher than the current market rate. Switching to a better, cheaper loan can give you a much more comfortable position in terms of repayments.

Refinancing can also reduce the total interest paid on your mortgage. It may also allow you to unlock the equity in your home. Unlocking equity is a great way to fund home renovations or to purchase those big ticket items you may not have been able to purchase otherwise.



Refinancing Your Loan with Kaboodle Finance

We can assist with all aspects of refinancing your home loan, helping you to manage your loan and potentially saving you thousands of dollars in loan costs.

As mortgage brokers, we can access the latest market rates from leading lenders to assist you with refinancing. We will also monitor the market to find the best rates for you over time.

We can also help you to negotiate a better deal or a discount loan rate from your lenders, based on property values and current market rates. It’s always worth checking if a better deal is available and we can do that for you.


Ask Us about Refinancing

If you’re thinking about refinancing your home loan, talk to us.  We can help you with professional expertise and current market prices. Let us find you a better deal and save you some money.

Call us or contact us online and let’s see what we can do for you. We’ll be happy to provide any advice, guidance, and clarify your home loan refinancing options. You can also ask us for any other help you need, like insurance, property investment, home loans, car loans, or investment finance. We’ll be happy to assist.