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Income Protection – for Home, for Family, for You

According to the Australian Network on Disability, over 4 million people in Australia have some form of disability. In some cases, disabilities or illnesses can prevent us from working and research shows that this can lead to an increased risk of health problems.

When financial difficulties strike due to illness, disability or injury, it’s good to know that your income is protected. Kaboodle Finance can refer you to a financial planner who can help you find the perfect income protection insurance, which pays a majority of your income if the unforeseen happens.


Why Invest in Income Protection Insurance?

Income protection is truly an investment, and it’s an investment that’s tax deductible. Kaboodle Finance can put you in touch with an expert who will help you find the right insurance so you can enjoy the peace of mind that money is still coming in while you’re unable to work and in recovery.

  • Cover the cost of mortgages and other repayments
  • Pay bills, buy groceries and maintain your lifestyle
  • Cover uniform, clothing and school expenses
  • Pay medical bills on your road to recovery


Types of Income Protection to Consider

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover

A permanent disability, whether total or partial, may prevent you from returning to work, drastically altering your lifestyle. TPD insurance provides a lump sum payment that provides financial relief for ongoing care, modifications and other expenses.


Illness and Trauma Cover

Sserious injuries or sudden illnesses like cancer or heart attacks can impact your life and your income. While you focus on recovery, let this insurance support your family, assist with rehabilitation and treatment, and provide peace of mind.


Life Insurance

Should the unthinkable happen, how will your family pay the bills or take care of the debts? Tailored life insurance cover can protect your family’s finance with a lump sum payout. Organise a no-obligation discussion with Kaboodle Finance to find the perfect cover.