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Welcome to Kaboodle Finance in Western Sydney. We will structure your finance needs with the best products in the market; please call us for more information on how we can help. Our experts offer a wide range of services including vehicle financeinvestment loanshome loans, and refinancing. Our Mortgage Brokers can also visit you in your home to understand your situation and commitments.

We service Western Sydney suburbs, with smart and practical information to realise your financial goals. Kaboodle Finance has extensive lending experience with the highest level of service and support.

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We cover the council areas of Penrith, Blacktown, Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains and The Hills District

Our focus is to provide the ideal option with the cheapest rates for your home loan. We know the Western Sydney area and our client’s needs.

Home Loans

When you take out a home loan with a bank or another institution, the processes can be complicated and slow. We can visit you in your home, discuss your needs and prepare the paperwork for you, find the best lender, to give you the most cost-effective home loan, and manage the process from start to finish.

Home loan Refinancing

Our Mortgage Brokers make refinancing your loan with Kaboodle Finance easy. We can help you with every aspect when you refinance your home loan which will most likely save you thousands in loan costs. Finding you the best long-term rates is essential to us, and we can also negotiate an enhanced deal or discounted loan rate from lenders. Property values and current market rates are regularly followed to ensure that you gain an excellent outcome for the future.

First Home Buyers

The home loan experience can be a very uncertain and stressful time especially if this is your first encounter. Our Mortgage Brokers will walk you through the whole process, and we will encourage you to ask any questions, to ensure that you have a full understanding of the proceedings.

Kaboodle Finance will provide all the help you require by finding the right lender, prepare loan documentation, and lodge your application. Liaising with lenders and any further considerations that arise is also part of our service. Following the settlement, we can provide information with market reports, compare interest rates and renegotiate your loan to give you an even better rate. Kaboodle Finance has mortgage professionals with superb experience in Western Sydney.

Property Investment and Investor Services

At Kaboodle Finance we will manage your property investment requirements. Our mortgage brokers will support you with your financial interests, financial planning, manage your investment finance and optimise your financial investment. We will discuss your needs to find the perfect loan for you.

We can facilitate the use of a Self-Managed Super Fund for your property investment in compliance with our expert business partners. Our leading Australian property investment research organisation (Bluewealth) will keep you informed of current market information. Please visit our website for the information on upcoming seminars concerning the Australian Property Market.

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Car Finance

We can ensure that you have a cost-effective finance arrangement, so you have no need to pay more than necessary.

Help with Debt Consolidation and Insurance

Please contact us for information to see how we can help you

Kaboodle Finance will deliver the best home loan interest rates in Western Sydney. We supply smart, practical guidance with your best interests prioritised so that you can reach your financial objectives.

Our dedicated mortgage brokers have a passion for property. They can meet you in your office or your home, utilising a schedule that suits you. Our brokers offer a comprehensive service for all financial matters and will achieve fast approval for your mortgage. At Kaboodle Finance we don’t have sales targets or quotas to meet. We are not a corporation. We intend to provide the structure, strategy and our market knowledge to secure the best products and outcomes for our clientele. Providing an excellent result for our clients make us feel delighted that we have made a difference in our client’s lives.

If you are buying a home in Western Sydney, please contact our team. We will explore every opportunity to help you choose the right mortgage for you. Our service is quick, efficient and our many years of expertise will ensure that you get a superb rate from our wide choice of lenders.

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